Henk van Steenbergen, PhD




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Research projects


  1. Cognitive and motivational components of decision making and action-effect learning
    with: Bernhard Hommel, Reinout Wiers, Sanne de Wit, Poppy Watson
  2. The effect of affect, motivation, and mood disorders on the detection of conflict and cognitive control
    with: Bernhard Hommel, Guido Band
  3. The role of cannabis and related neurotransmitters in the regulation of cognitive control
    with: Bernhard Hommel, Lorenza Colzato, Mikael Kowal*
  4. Profiling endophenotypes of Social Anxiety Disorder using structural and functional MRI
    with: Michiel Westenberg, Nic van der Wee, Janna Marie Bas-Hoogendam*
  5. The effects of steroid hormones on social threat processing
    with: Karin Roelofs, Dorien Enter

*) PhD co-promotor


Keywords research/expertise


  • Anterior cingulate cortex, ACC, attention, Brain Vision Analyzer, conflict adaptation, dopamine, EEG analysis, EEG synchronization analysis, E-prime, ERPs, emotion, executive control, fMRI analysis, FSL, hedonic hotspots, hot cognition, mood induction procedures, opioids, pupil dilatation analysis, reward, serotonin, Tobii eyetracker, ventral pallidum, ventral striatum, Visual Basic programming



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