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Short bio

Henk van Steenbergen was born in Gorinchem on the 16th of September 1981. He attended secondary and higher technical education (Electrotechnical Engineering) in Gorinchem and Den Haag. After that he studied Psychology and Philosophy at Leiden University. He received his Bachelor's degree Psychology (cum laude) in 2005 and his Bachelor's degree Philosophy of Psychology in 2007. After completing his Psychology
Research Master thesis on a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study on action-effect learning, he graduated cum laude in 2007.


From 2007 to 2011, he did his PhD research which was supervised by dr. Guido Band and prof. Bernhard Hommel (Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University & Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition). This research focused on the influence of affect and motivation on cognitive control. He used behavioral, physiological, and neuroimaging techniques to study the neurocognitive mechanism of this regulation. In Januari 2012, he received his PhD degree (cum laude).


Henk van Steenbergen is currently working as an assistant professor at Leiden University where he studies the effects of affect and motivation on goal-directed action. In 2014, Henk was visiting researcher at the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the University of Cape Town.




  • RM Experimentation I: Programming Psychological Experiments (Coordinator & Instructor E-Prime, Autumn 2011- now)
  • BA3 Cognitieve Neurowetenschappen [Cognitive Neuroscience] (Coordinator & Instructor, 2012-2014, Coordinator from 2015 on)
  • Introductie in de linguïstiek en in de neurocognitieve psychologie (Minor Brain & Cognition, Autumn 2012-2014)
  • Bachelor project (2012, 2015)


  • fMRI data analysis with FSL (Practical sessions) (Spring 2008+2012)
  • Minor project Brain & Cognition (Winter 2011+2012)


  • Supervision of Master Theses (2011, 2015)


  • Experimentation I: Visual Basic (Instructor, October 2007-2010)


  • Minor project Brain & Cognition "Control adaptations and emotions" (Winter 2009)
  • Bachelor project "Emoties, verliefdheid en aandachtsprestaties" (Autumn 2008+2009)


  • Computer practicum Cognitieve Psychologie (Spring 2008)


Training (extern)


·         Programming Psychological Experiments in E-Prime. Two-day workshop at Ghent University (2013).





Ad-hoc reviewer for:


·         Acta Psychologica; Anxiety, Stress & Coping; Biological Psychology; Cognition; Cognition & Emotion; Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience; Emotion; Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience; Frontiers in Psychology; International Journal of Psychophysiology; Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition; Motivation and Emotion; PlosONE; Psychological Research; Psychonomic Bulletin & Review; Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology;




  • Travel grant European and South African Research Network in Anxiety Disorders (EUSARNAD) (2100 euros, March 2014)
  • NIMH IBSC, Travel grant to visit annual conference in Boulder (1,000 USD, January 2011).
  • Leids Universiteits Fonds (LUF), Travel grant to visit SAN Conference New York (900 Euros, September, 2009).




  • Short-listed for Leidse Onderwijsprijs (Leiden University Teaching Award) (2014)
  • Short-listed for bi-annual NVP dissertatieprijs (Dutch Psychonomics Thesis Award) (December 2013)
  • Short-listed for PhD article award, Institute of Psychology, Leiden University (December 2012).
  • Best presentation award NWO BCIA-Programmes for Excellence meeting, Utrecht (July 2012).
  • Poster award NIMH IBSC Conference on "How do Executive Function and Emotion Interact?", Boulder, Colorado (January 2011).
  • 3rd prize Article Competition Graduate Research Institute EPOS (Experimenteel Psychologische Onderzoeksschool) (2009)
  • 2nd prize Poster Competition Graduate Research Institute EPOS (Experimenteel Psychologische Onderzoeksschool) (2009)
  • 3rd prize Poster Competition, Graduate Research Institute EPOS (Experimenteel Psychologische Onderzoeksschool) (2008)
  • Short-listed for PhD article award, Institute of Psychology, Leiden University (December 2009).


Other activities


  • Key-user Sun Grid Engine computercluster FSW (current)
  • Member of EPOS Onderwijscommissie (2008-2010)
  • Member of NVP Webcommissie (2008-2010)
  • Member of FSW scriptieprijs-commissie (Autumn 2008)


Curriculum Vitae


  • 2012 – Now  Assistant Professor, Universiteit Leiden
  • 2014    Visiting Researcher, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town
  • 2007 - 2012 PhD student Cognitive Neuroscience, Universiteit Leiden
  • 2005 - 2007 MPhil Cognitive Neuroscience, Universiteit Leiden
  • 2002 - 2007 BA Philosophy of Psychology, Universiteit Leiden
  • 2002 - 2005 BSc Psychology, Universiteit Leiden