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  16 November 2020
Student with coronavirus: ‘My lecturer helped me a lot’
What can you do if you’re even too ill to follow online lectures? And how are lecturers dealing with the growing number of sick students?  History student Willemijn van Rijn and lecturer Rens Tacoma tell their stories.
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Launch EUniWell – discover new international opportunities
Find out all about EUniWell, an alliance of seven universities that have come together as the European University of Well-Being, at the online launch on Tuesday 17 November.  EUniWell offers students, researchers and lecturers new, international opportunities for collaboration and development.
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Healthy University Week: ta-da and to do
During Healthy University Week, from 26 to 30 October, staff could choose from 63 workshops, talks and other online healthy university activities. We asked workshop facilitators, speakers and a participant for their tips.
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Although he loves his small room, Jordan often needs to relieve himself of cabin fever, especially when studying. - The Leidener
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