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28 maart 2007
LUCL Round Table Conference

The Department of African Languages and Cultures and the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) is organising a one-day workshop on the description and documentation of the signed and spoken languages of the Volta Basin (West Africa). The Volta Basin corresponds roughly to the geographical area in which the Kwa and Gur languages of the Niger-Congo phylum are spoken. 2007 marks the centenary of Diedrich Westermann's Grammatik des Ewe and it also marks the appearance of the first description of a sign language of the Volta Basin-the Adamorobe Sign Language of Ghana.
Meer informatie: LUCL

29 - 31 maart 2007
Congres The Dynamics of Identity in the Low Countries, 1300 - 1600
The development of national identities is no longer a research area for historians of modern societies alone. The medieval and early modern Low Countries present a very interesting case of dynamic identity formation, both regionally, in 'old' principalities such as Brabant and Ghelre, and supraregionally, in the development of new Netherlandish identities.
Meer informatie: www.dynamicsofidentity.leidenuniv.nl

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