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Started: june 4, 2005
Last Update: june 4, 2005

Some remarks on Verduin 2004


Since I wrote my article on Huygens amidst the members of the Academy, I have had the opportunity to talk about my research with various people who were very supportive, shared their insights and were ready to answer my questions.
At the same time however one also should be cautious, as at the time I wrote this article I was still a fledgling in this area. In the following table I will present some of these errors/slipups that came to my attention when rereading my article.
page problem solution
159 omnium caput[3] omnium caput[12]
159 'Director of the designe'[3] 'Director of the designe'[3] p. 150
161 ...following the line of Huygens' arm and hand ... one arrives at the clock in the background. As there is no clock in the small version (MV 6344), and Huygens performs the same pointing gesture, he might as well be pointing to the observatory in the back.
163 (1750-1675) (1650-1675)
168 Watson[22] Watson[24]
168 Figure 8: 'Huygens with microsope' by S. Le Clerc (1671) Figure 8: 'Huygens with magnifying glass' by S. Le Clerc (1671)