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Started: jan 1, 2005
Last Update: may 14, 2005

Unknown object.


Also on the table and resting on the lunar drawing another object begs for attention. As the header indicates, I have no clear idea about what this is. It is a box transparant on all sides. You can see clearly the sleeve of the left arm of the man standing behind it. This would mean that is either open or has glass panes on all sides. It covered on the top. The box is mounted on a base that is extended on the side directed to the viewer. The whole rests on small knob-like feet.

My first guess is that it could be some kind of weighing apparatus (or balance). There is a dark, vertical rod visible in the box. About halfway there is a crossbar and near the bottom of the box one can see an elliptical shape that could be one of the two scales hanging down from the crossbar.