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Started: dec 18, 2004
Last Update: dec 22, 2004

The terrestial and the celestial globe.


The presentation of the terrestial globe suggests that this object was recently acquired, as it is still without it's wooden support frame. The diameter of the terrestial globe can estimated at 3-4 feet when compared with the people around it. Although without a proper base like the celestial globe, it seems to be slightly elevated above the floor as if resting on an invisible mount.
On the terrestial globe a few names in French can be deciphered, which can be identified by moving the cursor over the image: Ocean, Negritie, Rusie, France, Detroite de Gibraltar. This could mean that the globe is either of French origin or of Dutch origin but made for a French market. The name of Blaeu springs to mind, or the French cartographer Sanson. It is too early for Coronelli, who would produce his famous globes 10-15 years later.

The celestial globe is visibly smaller than the terrestial globe, which would suggest a different origin/maker, as most globe pairs that were from the same maker, were of the same size.
Various constellations are visible, which can be identified by moving the cursor over the image.