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Started: may 30, 2005
Last Update: may 30, 2005

The third 'cordon bleu'


In the painting two members of L'ordre royal de Saint-Esprit (Royal Order of the Holy Ghost) can be easily identified. They are Jean Baptiste Colbert and Louis XIV, who both are wearing the insignia of the order i.e a large Maltese Cross with the ascending pigeon in the center and a blue ribbon (cordon bleu). According to article XIII of the statutes it was about
plus en plus exciter et astreindre nos sujets à persévérer en Sa sainte religion catholique, apostolique et romaine, et pareillement, pour illustrer l'estat de la noblesse de nostre royaume .

It was only recently that I noticed yet another person in the painting wearing these insignia. It is the man portrayed somewhat in the back, between Colbert and Louis XIV.