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  17 November 2021
Leiden2022: European City of Science
Leiden will be European City of Science next year. Leiden2022 recently presented the programme for this 365-day science festival, and researchers from Leiden University will be playing an important role.
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Cleveringa professors target of hate campaigns: ‘Intimidation frustrates Holocaust research’
Holocaust scholars Barbara Engelking and Jan Grabowski will hold the Cleveringa lecture on November 26. They were accused of defamation in Poland for a book they co-edited. How has this affected them? ‘This is an attempt to wear us down.’
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Rembrandt made a mess of his legal and financial life
‘Rembrandt was a stubborn, socially inept shopaholic.’ Emeritus Professor of Private Law Bob Wessels has written a book about Rembrandt’s legal and financial dealings.
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‘Colourblind parenting is a myth’
In her new book Opgroeien in kleur (Growing up in Colour), Professor Judi Mesman offers advice to parents on how to raise prejudice-free children. ‘Challenge your automatic assumptions,’ is her first tip.
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Coming events
Genetics proves it: Indo-Europeans did not come to Europe on horseback
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Dutch armed forces were willing to accept high casualties in Indonesia
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‘Learning with the City’ opens its doors in Leiden-Noord
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Why looted art lawsuits often fail (and what can be done about this)
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Students in informal conversation with Trudeau and Rutte
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently visited Leiden University’s Campus The Hague.
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