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  16 February 2021
Snow, a mini-cortège and a new rector: a special Dies Natalis
No procession of professors, just a handful of people in the church and snowdrifts outside Leiden’s Pieterskerk: 8 February 2021 was no ordinary Dies Natalis.
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New Executive Board at Leiden University
Leiden University has a new Executive Board. Since 8 February 2021 Annetje Ottow has been the new President and Hester Bijl the new Rector Magnificus of the Board, while Martijn Ridderbos has continued in his role as Vice-Chairman.
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Diversity symposium 2021: small steps can increase inclusion
‘Culture change takes time,’ said Vice-Rector Hester Bijl at the closing panel of the University’s Diversity Symposium on 26 January. She talked about the road to a diverse and inclusive university.
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How animals flirt with each other
How do animals choose their partners? The answer is simple: it’s all about quality. Behind beautiful plumage or a deafening roar is only one message: I am in great shape. Leiden behavioural biologist Carel ten Cate explains the evolutionary courtship displays of animals.
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Digital education: what’s working well and how can we improve?
Nearly a year since the abrupt switch to online learning, the Digital Education seminar gave teaching staff the opportunity to review their experiences. 
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Sculptures provide more diverse view of University’s history
Three new initiatives will provide a more diverse view of Leiden’s academic history: a historical study on the background of students and scientists, a new book about the Academy Building, and two new sculptures of Professor of Molecular Astrophysics Ewine van Dishoek and Classicist Professor Ineke Sluiter.
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