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  15 September 2021
Opening of the Academic Year: ‘Take care of each other’
Student and staff well-being was the main theme of the opening of the 2021-2022 academic year at Leiden University.
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International lecture series on moral courage
The Cleveringa Dallaire Critical Conversation Series begins on 22 September. On leadership and moral dilemmas in times of conflict and crisis.
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Spinoza and Stevin Prizes for three Leiden professors
Leiden professors Judi Mesman, Marc Koper and Maria Yazdanbakhsh have been awarded the most prestigious scientific prizes in the Netherlands.
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Back to university: ‘A bit apprehensive but pleased nonetheless’
After almost 18 months at home, many students and lecturers are returning to face-to-face classes.
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Young babies laugh like apes
Young babies laugh like adult apes do: while inhaling and exhaling. That is what cognitive psychologist Mariska Kret and her colleagues discovered.
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Coming events
Teaching Prize winner Ayo Adedokun: teaching is a calling
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Ewine van Dishoeck after pontifical appointment: ‘Science and religion can coexist’
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‘Different languages of instruction could help African education move forward’
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The most detailed galaxy photos yet: the Leiden connection
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The Old Observatory Leiden in LEGO? You can make it happen!
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