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  16 November 2020
Student with coronavirus: ‘My lecturer helped me a lot’
Two months ago, history student Willemijn caught coronavirus. At the time she was taking a course given by lecturer Rens Tacoma. What can you do if you’re even too ill to follow online lectures? And how are lecturers dealing with the growing number of sick students?
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‘There couldn’t be a better time to launch EUniWell’
On 17 November, the European academic community will be a partnership richer, when EUniWell, the European University of Well-Being, is launched.
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Breast cancer patients remember more information if doctors show empathy
Patients with incurable breast cancer remember more information about their treatment if their doctor is more empathetic during consultations. 
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Cleveringa Meeting 2020
On 26 November 1940, Professor Cleveringa gave a protest speech at Leiden University denouncing the removal of Jewish professors from their posts. We commemorate this brave speech each year in our Cleveringa Meetings. This year is the first online Cleveringa Meeting with a lecture by Roméo Dallaire.
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Underwater noise affects marine animals’ relationships. But to what extent?
Human activity at sea makes a terrible racket. To what extent does this disturb marine animals? PhD candidate Annebelle Kok studied the effect on harbour porpoises, long-finned pilot whales and their prey.
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Campus The Hague expands into Central Innovation District in The Hague
Leiden University’s Campus the Hague is soon to expand into the Central Innovation District in the centre of The Hague.
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