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  13 January 2022
Rutte IV: a fifth of the new cabinet studied in Leiden
A new cabinet has finally taken office in the Netherlands. Six of its members studied in Leiden. Who are these alumni?
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Inaugural lecture
‘Give farmers more freedom in how they reduce nitrogen’
A local approach to the nitrogen problem will give farmers the chance to come up with their own solutions, says Professor Jan Willem Erisman.
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PhD defence
PTSD treatment can help patients with childhood trauma
Adults who were abused or mistreated as a child and suffer PTSD can benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy, says PhD candidate Chris Hoeboer.
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Leiden European City of Science in 2022
Leiden is European City of Science in 2022: for a year Leiden is the capital of European science. Leiden University is a proud partner of Leiden2022.
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Coming events
The self-employed hard hit by the pandemic
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Learn while waiting for the bus? App helps students study
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American anthropologist Rosemary Joyce to receive honorary doctorate on Dies Natalis
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Leiden University seventh place in global sustainability ranking
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Our hall of fame for 2021
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