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  18 January 2021
‘The COVID-19 crisis just goes to show how things can go wrong’
Ijeoma Uchegbu is Professor of Pharmacy at University College London (UCL). As a female scientist of colour, she was initially reluctant to play an active role in the university’s diversity policy. Until, that is, she had a radical change of heart: ‘I knew it; I had to become an evangelist.'
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Linguists: crimefighters extraordinaire
Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker will retire on 8 February. In this first in a series of discussions, Stolker talks to linguists Willemijn Heeren (Leiden University) and Tina Cambier (NFI and IND) on how linguists help fight crime.
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How NeCEN helped develop the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine
The Phase 3 clinical trial results of the promising Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine are expected this month. The Dutch electron microscopy facility NeCEN helped develop the company’s vaccine, and have now published their findings in Nature Communications.
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Best friends forever? How the adolescent brain reacts to good friends
Developmental psychologist Lisa Schreuders has studied the brains of young adolescents: ‘It seems that friendships in your early years can have consequences for your friendships later in life.’
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Work in the time of the coronavirus: ‘I miss the processions'
How are you doing in these strange and unprecedented times? This is the question we are asking our colleagues in this series of articles. This time we asked Erick van Zuylen, the University beadle.
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Alumna Natacha Harlequin: ‘When it really matters, I’m a lion’
She stands out for the moderate tone she takes in discussions on Dutch talk shows. Without judgement you can have an open conversation, criminal lawyer Natacha Harlequin learned in her student days in Leiden. ‘What I personally think of the alleged act doesn’t matter so much.’
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