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  19 April 2021
Skin injection could mean lower dose of Covid vaccine
In the current COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the vaccine is injected into muscle tissue, but a smaller amount of vaccine injected in the skin might also provide good protection. The #wakeuptocorona crowdfunding campaign is enabling Anna Roukens (LUMC) to research vaccination delivery via the skin.
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Queen Máxima pays a virtual visit
Students from ‘StudentinzetopSchool’ help schoolchildren and gain valuable teaching experience at the same time. In an online visit on 13 April, Queen Máxima spoke to pupils, students and teaching staff.
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LUMC to administer first Dutch stem cell gene therapy to patients
Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) will administer the first Dutch stem cell gene therapy to patients. The therapy will be used to treat children with SCID, a rare disorder where people are born without essential immune cells.
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The secret life of the sea sponge
It can live for  two thousand years, be two or three metres tall and produce antibiotics. PhD candidate Lina Bayona Maldonado studied the wonderful world of the giant barrel sponge.
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Water's journey from interstellar clouds to habitable worlds
Professor Ewine van Dishoeck and an international team of colleagues have written an overview of everything we know about water in interstellar clouds thanks to the Herschel space observatory.
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New technology could prevent the mass cull of male chicks
Every year 6.5 billion male chicks are killed worldwide because they are of no economic value. In Ovo's technology can determine the sex of a chick, so that only female chicks are hatched. 
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