Internships 2015-2016

Overview of CML research themes and possible research projects

Dep=Department, Thm= Theme, Fld = Field, Top = Research Topic
A. Conservation Biology

This is the list 2015-2016 of possible internships at the department of Conservation Biology of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML). We have deliberately chosen for a simple presentation, most projects have, a title a short description and the supervisor name and contact information, as we try to define the definite content of the projects with the students themselves.

The projects are divided according to the different scale levels at which our department operates:

  • Individual species and populations in interaction with anthropogenic threats are the focus here

Ecosystems and communities:
  • Species communities in relation to the functioning of ecosystem and their interactions are the focus here. In most topics, we evaluate its functioning in relation to human impacts

Biodiversity and ecosystem services:
  • Drivers of regional and global biodiversity patterns; conservation and predictions;
  • The services provided by ecosystems, interactions with human needs and the role biodiversity plays in providing services for human kind are the focus here
You can get more information from the CML-instructors or students present at the stand or contact the appropriate supervisor through e-mail or by phone. If you are interested in another or related environmental internship, you can also discuss that with your potential supervisor. For MSc-students it is also possible to do an internship externally outside the Leiden University, with additional supervision by CML.

B. Industrial Ecology Van der Voet
  B.1 Foundations and concepts Van der Voet
  B.1.1 The concepts of industrial ecology Van der Voet
  B.1.2 Methods and techniques van der Voet
  B.2 Resources Van der Voet
  B.2.1 Stocks and flows of materials Van der Voet
  - Stocks of materials in the built environment and consequences for future emissions and waste streams Van der Voet
  - Hibernating stocks: getting an insight in materials in no longer used but not yet discarded products Van der Voet
  - Stocks of materials in society and their contribution to diffusive sources of emissions Van der Voet
  B.2.2 Scarcity and impacts of resource use Van der Voet
  - Impacts of Metals for UNEP resource panel Van der Voet
  - Linkages between resources: Energy, water, materials and land Van der Voet
  B.3 Products and services Kleijn
  B.3.1 Life cycle assessment Kleijn
  B.3.2 Eco efficiency Kleijn
  B.4 Sustainability assessment of technologies Van der Voet
  B.4.1 Energy technology Kleijn
  - Biomass as an energy source Van der Voet
  - Sustainable fuels from CO2 recycling Kramer
  - Trade-offs in material substitution for energy technologies Kleijn
  - The Energy Transition in China Kramer
  B.4.2 Future technology Van der Voet
  - Biotechnology Van der Voet

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