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Prof.dr. J.W. Jukema (Wouter)

Faculty  LUMC
Phone  071 526 2020
Date of birthOctober 24, 1962
Place of birthMarknesse
Ph.D.May 1, 1996
DissertationAngiographic Coronary Atherosclerosis Trials: design, methodology, and results-focussing on the Regression Growth Evaluation Statin Study 'REGRESS'
Date of accessionDecember 1, 2005
Inaugural lectureMay 11, 2006
SubjectCardiology, in particular regenarative cardiovascular medecine


Atheroslerosis, restenosis, translational research, biobank, genetics

My inspiration

At the moment my main interests are interventional cardiology and atherosclerosis research, such as vascular biology, lipids, diabetes and genetics in humans and in transgenic animals, as is shown also in the topics for most of my publications.