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Prof.dr. E.R. de Kloet (Ron)

Faculty  LUMC, Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Phone  071 527 6210/90
Date of birthAugust 19, 1944
Place of birthMaarssen
Ph.D.February 22, 1972
DissertationThe distribution of dexamethasone in relation to its effect on pituitary-adrenal activity
Date of accessionOctober 1, 1990
Inaugural lectureNovember 1, 1991
Equilibrium in a changing world
SubjectAcademyprofessorship (KNAW) since 2004


Stress, brain, hormones, depression

My inspiration

'Stress is the spice of life' said Hans Selye the father of the stress concept more than half a century ago. And he is right of course: studying the biology of stress touches all aspects of life from health and happiness to disease and misery. The key to the understanding of stress biology is the stress hormone. I want to find out how such hormones can change from protective into harmful signals. What is the cause and what are the consequences? Today such questions are addressed with gene technology to identify vulnerable phenotypes and with indepth analysisof brain functioning under stress to understand why one individual stays healthy and the other gets ill under similar adverse conditions.