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Prof.dr.dr.h.c.mult. G. Rozenberg (Grzegorz)

Faculty  Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Phone  071 527 7067
Date of birthMarch 14, 1942
StudyElectronics and Computer Science
Ph.D.January 2, 1968
DissertationQuasi-uniform automata
Date of accessionApril 1, 1979
SubjectTheoretical informatics and Natural computing


Formal languages, concurrency, graph transformations, natural computing, molecular computing

My inspiration

Informatics is the science of information processing and as such it is a fundamental science for other scientific disciplines. Therefore interdisciplinarity is quite essential for many research areas in both fundamental and applied informatics. A wonderful example here is Natural Computing, i.e., computing taking place in nature and human-designed computing inspired by nature. Studying/discovering computations taking place in nature can be fascinating and often mind boggling. My current research is truly interdisciplinary and focussed on computations taking place in living cells, and on establishing foundations for nanoscience, mostly through research on processes of self -asembly.