Congress 'The Past and Future of Money'

Philips van Leyden b.p., student union for Roman Law and European legal history presents in cooperation with NautaDutilh and the E.M. Meijers Institute:

The Past and Future of Money
A congress about the legal aspects of money

The maxim 'all actions are framed in terms of valuation in money' (omnia iudicia pecuniaria) expresses one of the fundamental tenets of Roman law. It emphasizes that all commercial relations, whether of a proprietary nature or not, were in the end to be reduced to a money debt. The currency and the modes of discharge of such a money debt have varied greatly over time, but nevertheless modern private law continues to employ the metaphor of a transfer of title to a certain amount of coins by way of delivery of possession from the dischargor to the dischargee. 'Money', however, ought not to be equated to a mere commodity, let alone that the payment of money is to be equated to the mere transfer of commodities. The Leiden congress 'The Past and Future of Money' highlights the legal aspects of money and specifically the discharge of money debts. It purports to do so on a historical and comparative basis.

The congress will take place on August 31st and September 1st 2006 in the Kamerlingh Onnes Building of the Leiden law faculty.

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