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March 2010

Leiden's Latest is the monthly newsletter of Leiden University in English. It contains a selection of articles which have appeared in recent university newsletters in Dutch.

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University seeks leadership talent


This spring sees the start of an unusual masterclass: Leadership.24. The 24 best students with leadership talents - overt or hidden - will be brought together to explore their relationship with leadership as it is expected to be practised in 2024.
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Symposium media, science, law by Lorentz Fellow Richard Gill


On 22 March, five days after his final attendance at the Lucia de B case, Professor of Statistics, Richard Gill, will be appointed Distinguished Lorentz Fellow 2010-2011. To mark the award, Gill is organising a breakfast symposium on the relationship between the media, science and law.
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Sleep(less) in Leiden


More than 10,000 nerve cells in the brain see that we wake up in the morning and that we fall asleep at night. But what happens if this biological clock stops working properly? On 18 March the LIBC is organising a symposium presenting the latest scientific insights into sleep and sleeplessness.
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New Dutch online magazine on Japan

Japan has interested the Western world for many years: from the tea ceremony to popular cartoons. But reliable information about these subjects is hard to come by. Leiden Japan scholars have started a new magazine aimed at filling the gap between academic publications and popular books.
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Restoration of "Sterrewacht"
(observatory) reachest highest point

The restoration of the Sterrewacht is proceeding well and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. On Thursday 11 March, the highest point was reached with the restored domes being replaced on the roof.
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Horseshoe-shaped 'Parkinson's' proteins form clumps


More news has come to light about the alpha-Synuclein protein that plays an important role in Parkinson's disease. Biophysicist Martina Huber and colleagues show how these proteins clump together when they come into contact with a membrane. Their article in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) is now online.
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Aphid genome unravelled

Leiden evolutionary biologist Maurijn van der Zee has co-operated on an enormous international project to describe the genetic material of the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum. The more than 100 authors involved in the project have published their findings in the online magazine PLoS Biology.
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The League of European Research Universities (LERU) makes recommendations to improve the social security of internationally mobile researchers



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A selection of forthcoming activities in English:

18 Feb. - 12 Nov. 2010
Various Lectures
offered by the
Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Campus The Hague

5 February - 4 June
Seminars on Global Interactions Spring 2010

2 March - 18 May
Human Security Series Lectures 2010: 7 lectures by the Modern East Asia Research Centre (MEARC).
(Next lecture: 30 March)

22 March 9-12hrs
Breakfast Symposium “Science, Media, Law” (breakfast included).

25-26 March
Workshop: Mood and modality in the indigenous languages of the Americas

27 March whole day
DUSANE IV, Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East

30 March - 1 April
‘Leiden in the Caribbean’ conference: 'From Prehistory to Ethnography in the Circum-Caribbean and Amazonia'

21 June - 2 July
Summer school on international criminal law 2010.

5 July - 30 July
Columbia Summer Programme (Law, Leiden session).

For more activities see the following News & Agenda pages:

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